10 Workplace Wellness Ideas

Is workplace wellness something you’d like to improve on in 2018? Helping your employees stay healthy not only benefits them, it can also make your business stronger and more productive. Here are 10 easy workplace wellness ideas you can implement now for a healthier and happier staff in 2018.

1) Offer Healthy Swag

Consider offering items like branded water bottles, fitness trackers, or even yoga mats that promote health and wellness.

2) Rethink Office Snacks

Does your office have a vending machine full of junk food? Talk to your vending machine operator about healthier snack options, like baked chips, granola, or popcorn. If you don’t have a vending machine, consider bringing in healthy snacks like fruit and nuts for your staff to enjoy.

3) Address Stress

Like it or not, stress happens. Talk about ways to combat stress at the office — things like taking time to stretch or going for a short walk are great ways to deal with office stress! You could even go as far as offering an in-office yoga class or a seminar on healthy coping skills.

4) Make Time For Eye Health

If your employees spend a lot of time at their computers, eye strain can be a very real problem. Remind employees to take regular breaks where they spend at least 10-15 seconds looking away from the computer.

5) Consider Local Partnerships

Is there a local gym near your office, or one in a central location that would be convenient for your employees? Check to see if they offer discounted group or corporate rates.

6) Offer A Wellness Newsletter

A wellness newsletter is a great way to get employees excited about health initiatives. Employees can contribute and share things like healthy recipes, good places to walk during lunch and breaks, and tips for staying healthy around the office. You can also have monthly themes to help keep everyone on track.

7) Work Hard Play Hard

Facilitate a fun sports activity that employees can enjoy outside of work like soccer, softball, or even a jogging club. These activities can get people moving while also promoting team bonding outside of work.

8) Address Ergonomics

Think about how your office is set up. Things like standing or walking desks are great in terms of offering new options for employees, but something simple like buying more supportive office chairs could also make a big difference.

9) Look At Health Insurance Perks

Don’t forget to check with your health insurance provider to see if they offer any programs or perks to help people stay fit and healthy.

10) Keep Communications Open

This is a big one — if you really want to make wellness a priority in your office, make it something you can talk about with your staff! See what ideas they have and what efforts they find most effective to make it a team effort.

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