Summer Party Safety Tips

There’s no time like the summer to gather family and friends at your home for a party! Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner party or the neighborhood block party, a host has many responsibilities. Here at Quincy Mutual Group, we want to make sure your party is memorable for all of the right reasons, which is why we’re offering up a few tips to help you keep your guests safe and your home protected.

Always Think About Food Safety

Whenever you’re serving food to guests, you always want to keep certain food safety precautions in mind, especially when hosting an outdoor event. Be mindful of foods that can spoil and make sure to keep these items cold. Don’t leave perishable items out all day, instead keep them in coolers or refrigerated inside and direct guests get them as they need. If you’re grilling, it’s important to avoid cross-contamination with raw meats — always use separate platters for cooked and uncooked items.


Take Care Of Your Pets

Parties can be stressful for your pets, so make sure to think ahead to keep your furry friends safe. If your pets do not like loud noises or are uncomfortable around strangers or crowds, consider keeping them indoors in a quiet room. Make sure to check in on them regularly throughout the party. If your pets enjoy being out and about, just be mindful of all of the food around. Many party foods and drinks can be dangerous for animals, so keep an eye on your pets and put these items out of reach whenever possible — and don’t forget to secure your trash cans as well!


Be Mindful Of Alcohol Consumption

If you plan to serve alcohol at your party, be sure to keep track of your guests to keep things safe. As a host, you should limit your own alcohol consumption so that you’re able to keep track of things happening around your home, but hiring a professional bartender can also be very helpful — they are trained to recognize the signs of intoxication and will have an easier time limiting consumption for your party guests. Offer plenty of non-alcoholic beverage options and food throughout the night and have a cut-off point where you stop serving alcohol before the party ends. If your guests seem like they shouldn’t drive at the end of the night, help them find another way home.


Stay Safe By The Pool

If you have a pool in your backyard, there are definite precautions you should take to keep everyone safe. Make sure to have a designated pool watcher — if there are many adults by the pool, it can be easy to assume that someone else is keeping track of the swimmers. Eliminate this confusion and uncertainty be clearly identifying the supervising adult. If adults are not available to watch the pool, close it off so children are never swimming unsupervised. It’s also a good idea to keep a phone and first aid kit by the pool in case of an emergency.


Take Time To Review Your Policies and Consider Umbrella Insurance

Before you throw a party, you should check with your independent insurance agent to make sure you understand the coverages and limits of your homeowners insurance policy. If you often host people in your home, or have items like a pool or swingset in your backyard, you can definitely benefit from the extra liability protection an umbrella insurance endorsement affords. An Umbrella Insurance endorsement can be added on to your homeowners insurance policy and can provide $1 million or more of extra liability protection, over the limits of your existing policy. Read our Umbrella Insurance blog to learn more.


Looking for more tips? Our Backyard Safety blog has important insights for homeowners with pools or playsets in their backyards and our Grilling Safety blog has tips to keep your cookouts safe!

We hope these tips make your next party a safe success! If you have more questions about protecting yourself and your home, we work with over 500 independent insurance agents who are ready to help. Please visit our website to connect with a local agent today:

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