Agency Spotlight — Austin Insurance

Quincy Mutual Group is proud to work with more than 500 independent insurance agents across New England. These insurance agents are committed to serving the needs of individuals and businesses in their local communities, which is why we are excited to announce a new series to highlight them and their amazing work — this month, we’re pleased to feature Austin Insurance as our first #AgencySpotlight!

Austin Insurance is a third generation family-run agency that was founded in 1964 by Walter H. Austin. Walter’s son Rick Austin now leads as Austin Insurance’s CEO alongside his son and President, Kyle Austin. Rick’s other son, Ryan, also plays an important role in the family business by serving as their Claims Representative. As a family-run agency, they focus on treating their customers the way they want to be treated. “It’s our family protecting yours. No matter who walks into our lives, we try to do right by them,” Rick explains.

First located in Braintree, Austin Insurance expanded over the years by merging with 15 different agencies to become the far-reaching agency they are today. They currently have two offices located in Whitman and Hingham. While Austin Insurance has a long history in the local community and strong roots on the South Shore of Massachusetts, they also have the capability to serve customers all across New England and the world, thanks to their commitment to adopting cutting-edge technology.

“We bought our first computer in 1986 when it was unheard of — everyone still had typewriters. The same thing happened with fax machines and internet phones. We had them before people in the industry had even heard of them and we did this to stay ahead of the curve.” Today, they still see the value in having the latest technology, like video conferencing, in their offices: “Our business has become 24/7. If we get an emergency call, I don’t care if I’m up in Alaska, I can pull up my phone or laptop and it’s like I’m in the office.”

When Rick, Kyle, and Ryan are not busy assisting Austin Insurance customers, they are all active members of the local community. They each participate in a wide range of organizations including the Kiwanis Club, Plympton Congregational Church, Whitman-Hanson Business Association, Business Network International (BNI), South Shore Chamber of Commerce, and Metro South Independent Insurance Agents Association (MSIIAA). In addition to those listed, Rick and Kyle are both Masons and members of their local lodges. Kyle is also actively involved in the South Shore Savings Bank Leadership Program. Through this program, he and a team of other local individuals strive to improve the community on the South Shore in every way possible.

And finally, Austin Insurance always strives to take the time to advise and educate all of their customers on the insurance options that are the best for their specific needs and budgets. To this end, Austin Insurance inspects every single property in person before advising their clients or suggesting an insurance product: “We physically go out to the location, measure it, take photos, note causes for concern, and give tips to mitigate losses. If we didn’t inspect, people could lose their insurance when they need it most,” Rick explains.

“To us, it’s not just about writing policies and looking at the bottom line, it’s always about helping the customer.”

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