Fitts Insurance Agent Spotlight

For this week’s #AgentSpotlight, we’re excited to introduce you to Fitts Insurance! Founded in 1932, Fitts Insurance has been focused on providing high-quality insurance coverage for individuals, families, and businesses throughout Central and Eastern Massachusetts for nearly 90 years.

Fitts Insurance was founded by Arthur Fitts, and has remained a family-owned and operated agency to this day. Over the years, Arthur’s son Geoffrey and cousin George H. Hulme both joined the agency, followed by their sons Chris & Timothy Fitts and George F. Hulme Jr & Bruce Hulme. Today, Chris, Tim, George and Bruce along with a decades loyal management team of Valerie Meadows (42 years), Susan Moschini (38 years) and Susan McCarthy (21 years), are responsible for the overall management of the company — Chris is the president and administrator while Tim & George focus on commercial lines sales. This strong family history is something the entire team is proud of: “We are a family agency and although we’ve grown tremendously, we still try to maintain that family feel.”

A key to Fitts Insurance’s success over the years has been their focus on finding their clients the best coverage to fit their needs. They partner with the top agencies in the state who understand what consumers in Massachusetts are looking for and who are able to provide comprehensive coverage at competitive prices: “Your protection is our priority but just because we prioritize coverage doesn’t mean we can’t offer great prices — often times it is the best price.” Along these lines, Fitts Insurance prides itself on only recommending coverage they themselves would use: “We always recommend the coverage that we would want on our homes, vehicles, and business.”

After spending 83 years in Framingham, Fitts moved their office to Southborough in 2015. Committed to providing the best service possible, Fitts wanted to upgrade their space to offer more privacy, efficiency and convenience for their customers. This change also allowed them to invest more in technology to help their team be more agile: “Being able to work from wherever we are allows us to be more available to our customers.” Technology isn’t the only way they make themselves available to their clients, however: “We open at 7:30 so that people who want to do something before work can do it.”

When it comes to their employees, Fitts Insurance strives to make their office a place employees want to come to everyday: “We have a long history of longevity with our staff. We have many people who have been here for 25-45 years!” Not only are they a family-owned company, Fitts Insurance treats their staff like family, too. They emphasize work/life balance for their employees and try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible while always rewarding their team for all of their hard work: “Our staff knows we are always trying to make their lives as easy as possible since we know their jobs aren’t easy.”

Outside of the office, Fitts Insurance is very focused on being an industry leader — Chris was elected to the MAIA Board of Directors in November. The agency is also very involved in the community and prides itself on giving back. Chris and George are both heavily involved in the Metrowest YMCA and are active supporters of their programs. Tim is on the board of the 200 Foundation, an organization that gives 100% of all funds raised back to deserving non-profit organizations in the community, such as the YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, and various local charities. Fitts Insurance has also supported the Boy Scouts since the early 1970’s. Beyond these specific organizations, Fitts Insurance has always been supportive of local schools and athletic programs as well.

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