Personal Umbrella Insurance: Extra Liability Protection & Peace Of Mind

If you were to find yourself on the receiving end of a million-dollar lawsuit, how prepared would you feel? While no one expects something like this, it unfortunately does happen and can be financially devastating if you’re not prepared. Here at Quincy Mutual Group, our job is to anticipate the unexpected to ensure that you’re prepared if and when something bad does happen. Luckily, having an umbrella insurance policy can provide you with extra liability insurance coverage and peace of mind.

Umbrella Insurance Defined

Umbrella insurance is an endorsement that can be added on to your homeowners policy. It offers added liability protection over the coverage limits provided by these policies. At Quincy Mutual Group, we offer endorsements with $1 million, $2 million, $3 million, and $5 million dollar limits ($3 and $5 million options are not available in all states). But why would you need this type of protection? You may be thinking that there’s no way you could ever get into a lawsuit, and while we hope that’s true, we’ve seen over the years that accidents can happen to anyone.

Imagine this: you’re driving to work on a rainy spring morning. You look at the radio for just a second to change the station, and the next thing you know, you’ve run a stop sign and collided with another car. The driver of the other vehicle is a doctor taking her two kids to school, and she along with her children are all injured in the crash. This injury also prevents her from working, so in addition to being responsible for the medical bills for three people, you’re also being sued for lost wages. The bills start to add up and quickly exceed the liability limit of your car insurance policy. If you don’t have an umbrella insurance policy, you’ll be responsible for paying the remaining bills out of pocket. If you do have an umbrella insurance policy, however, it will kick in to cover the remaining costs, up to the limits of your endorsement.

How To Know If You Need Umbrella Insurance

We’re strong believers that everyone should have an umbrella insurance policy, but there are definite circumstances where it can be even more important. Here are a few:

  • If you entertain at your home frequently.
  • If you own a dog.
  • If you have children.
  • If you have things like a pool or swingset on your property.
  • If you own a rental property.

Umbrella insurance can also provide liability protection if you were ever to be sued for slander or libel.

If you’re looking for peace of mind that won’t break the bank, an umbrella insurance endorsement is a great investment. Have more questions? We work with over 500 independent insurance agents who are ready to go over your risks and needs to make sure your insurance policies are really protecting you. Find an agent today by visiting our website:

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