6 Office Wellness Tips For Employees

For employees who spend a significant portion of their days in an office, maintaining healthy habits on a regular basis can be challenging. From spending hours sitting at a desk to dealing with the general stress of a job, many employees are experiencing a decline in their overall health. According to a survey from the Center for Disease Control, stress is the most significant threat to worker health and another survey even suggests that 3 in 4 Americans have experienced at least one symptom of stress in the last month, such as back pain, headaches, and fatigue which may ultimately lead to decreased productivity. 

Developing an office wellness plan that is attainable is key to promoting employee health — both physically and mentally. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to help boost wellness within the office and promote a more productive workplace.

Maintain an organized workspace

A disorganized space can often be the number one cause of stress in the workplace. Keeping your desk clean and organized will not only help you save time when you need to find something, but it can also help promote productivity. Just a few minutes a day dedicated to keeping your space clean can help get work done more efficiently. Review these tips to help you keep your desk clean and organized.

Take breaks to stretch and walk

Even if your job requires you to spend many hours at a desk each day, it is important to find the time to get in some physical activity. Taking stretch breaks each hour and setting aside time in your day to take a short walk can help keep your mind sharp, increase your creativity, and improve your physical well-being. To help stay on track, set a daily reminder on your phone to get moving or enlist the help of coworkers to hold each other accountable. If possible, you may even want to consider walking meetings to get a little fresh air while you discuss new ideas.

Take the stairs

If you typically take the elevator in your office, you may want to consider taking the stairs when you can to get your heart rate moving. Even swapping one elevator ride per day with the stairs can have a positive impact on your overall health.

Practice safe computer use

Spending too much time in front of any electronic screen can have an effect on your eyes. If your job requires you to use a computer or a phone for the majority of your day, there are a few things you can do to help protect your vision and avoid eye strain:

  • Sit two feet away from your screen.
  • Take breaks from your screen at least once per hour and focus on something other than a screen.
  • Dim your computer screen to ensure it’s not too bright on your eyes.
  • Use a font size that is large enough to read without squinting or straining your eyes.

Keep healthy snacks on hand

When the afternoon slump hits or if a coworker brings in desserts to share, it can be very tempting to overindulge. However, if you keep healthy snacks on hand you’ll be more likely to say “no” and avoid a sugar crash that can often come with those treats. Packing your own lunch can also help you stay on track and encourage you to avoid heavy lunches that can often cause fatigue.

Incentive programs

Many offices have adopted an incentive program to help promote employee wellness in the workplace. Establishing monthly challenges for employees to drink more water, walk each day, and practice some of the above-mentioned wellness tips can add a little bit of fun and competition to the office. 

We hope these tips help you establish wellness habits for a more productive workday. Simply establishing one new habit each month can help promote long-term health and not only more successful but happier employees as well.

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